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honor 10 dark mode

A year or so ago I said the Honor View 10 was a worthy and impressive flagship handset, easily able to hold its own with the best of the competition at its price. Since then we've seen an inexorable rise in top-flight handset prices, generating something of a backlash. We've also seen the recent arrival of Chinese giant Xiaomi in the UK, its £499 Mi 8 Pro creating a real buzz and anticipation of more to come.

If the £400-£600 price bracket was competitive before all that, it's even more cutthroat now, and Honor has upped the ante with the View 20 . This 6.4-inch handset is available with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage for £499.99, or with 8GB and 256GB for £579.99.

With the View 20, Honor has gone all out to create a handset that looks distinctively different. Three features contribute. There is the much-talked-about 'hole-punch' camera, an intriguing design at the back, and the near all-screen front. Each of these deserves attention.

The front camera sits in the top left of the screen, enclosed in a small circular frame, and embedded within the display rather than separated from it. This positioning is the cue for that 'hole-punch' descriptor.

Dark Apotheosis is a warlock ability granted to warlocks with the Demonology specialization via the Glyph of Demon Hunting . It gives the warlock another demonic form to use besides [Metamorphosis] , reducing damage taken and giving access to other unique abilities.

  Death knight  ·   Demon hunter  ·   Druid  ·   Hunter  ·   Mage  ·   Monk

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