Honor 9 camera review

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honor 9 camera review

Huawei's Honor 8 is an Android 6.0 phone with extras good enough to make you notice, and a build that's comfortable to hold and use in one hand. The extras in question? Two cameras on the back and a customizable button right below them that doubles as the fingerprint reader.

The Honor 8's glossy, reflective coating channels Samsung's Galaxy S7 phone design (and smudges easily with finger grease), but at heart it's essentially a rebranded Huawei P9 that costs less than the original, and well under two premium dual-camera phones: the LG V20 and iPhone 7 Plus .

In the US, you can pick up the 32GB variant for $400 and the 64GB version for $450. Australian prices are still to come, but the US prices convert to roughly AU$525 and AU$590. In the UK, only the 32GB version is available, for £370 direct from Huawei , or from Amazon, where it's bundled with a free Amazon Fire TV Stick worth £30. If you want to buy it as part of a phone contract, Three has the exclusive.

The fast, accurate fingerprint reader may seem a little small if you're used to a larger target like the Huawei-made Nexus 6P , but since more of my finger covers a smaller scanner than a larger one, I felt like I got more hits than misses. This reader also doubles as a customizable button, which I programmed to launch the camera; I liked it a lot. Less successful are knuckle gestures. I guess Huawei figures sometimes your fingers aren't free, but your knuckles are? Anyway, you can customize it so making gestures on your screen with your knuckles act as a shortcut. Draw a "C" to launch the camera, for instance. However, this felt gimmicky and unnatural.

The all-new Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 are aimed at a millennial audience and, as such, are focusing on features like design, long battery life and camera capabilities. But will this be enough to combat the incessant Chinese onslaught? We find out in our Samsung Galaxy M10 review.  

The Galaxy M10 doesn’t stray too far from the basic design principles of Samsung’s other mid-range hardware . The all-plastic build is utilitarian at best, but the company seems to be going for overall robustness than a flashy design. The phone feels like it could take a beating and come out looking just fine.

That’s not to say that nothing has changed. Compared to Samsung’s On or J series , the M10 certainly takes a more modern stance. The front of the phone makes use of a waterdrop-style notch and has fairly minimal bezels to boot. The Galaxy M10 feels comfortable to hold and looks premium while at it.

Continuing on to the ergonomics, the volume rocker and power buttons placed on the right side of the phone are easy to reach out to. The buttons have great feedback and do not have any unnecessary rattle, something many budget phones are guilty of.

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Though it costs £229.99 in the UK, the Honor 8X looks, feels and performs like a high-end smartphone in most respects. It features a gorgeous 6.5in FHD+ bezel-less display and an eye-catching glass and aluminium design that makes it stand out amongst the competition.

It also offers high-end features like facial recognition, alongside the rear-facing fingerprint scanner, and although performance can be a little spotty in the most demanding 3D games, we've experienced very little in the way of lag in general use. 

While you might assume that the Honor 8X is a high-end, premium smartphone , it actually costs less than £250 in the UK. Sporting a gorgeous bezel-less display, unique design and an impressive camera setup, the Honor 8X could be one of the best mid-range smartphones on the market at the moment.

The Honor 8X is now available to buy in the UK, following an early October launch. The Honor 8X is much cheaper than it looks; it only costs only £229.99 in the UK, while those in Europe can pick the smartphone up for €249.90.

The Honor View 20 is flashy, powerful, and notch-less, but can it take a good photo? That’s what some people care about most when looking into a smartphone. We took the Honor View 20 around town and put it through its paces.

Honor steps into the smartphone battlefield with a large 1/2-inch sensor, 48MP resolution, a 3D sensor, a wide F/1.8 aperture, and bells and whistles (all of them). It should do amazing, but theory doesn’t always match practice, which is why we are here to give you a definitive Honor View 20 camera review.

The relationship between Honor and Huawei becomes immediately apparent when you open the View 20’s camera app. It looks just like the one in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro . This means my opinions on the app will also be identical.

The Honor View 20 camera app is pretty straightforward. There is a shutter button in the bottom, with a camera rotation icon and a preview button to its sides. Right above these functions you will find all your main modes: AR Lens, Night, Portrait, Photo, Video, and More. The More section is home to a plethora of specialized modes including Pro, Slow-mo, Panorama, Aperture, Light painting, HDR, and more.

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