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  • There might be a lot of high hopes about folding smartphones and what that means for smartphone design in the future but right now I’m concentrated on one thing: how companies are working around the front camera notch.We’ve seen the teardrop style , the pin-hole camera , and now Xiaomi ’s latest device is heralding in the slide up selfie camera . Released last year in China, it finally arrived in the UK in January to much anticipation. Straight up, I love the design of this phone. The back of the device looks distinctly iPhone X-like, with the vertical camera formation and the expensive-looking glass design, but it’s the front where all your attention is focused. That’s because the Mi Mix 3 sports a 6.39 AMOLED display in a full HD+ screen with absolutely no notch, thanks to a full-screen slider that houses the dual front cameras. It looks very cool and makes other notch-featuring phones feel almost dated in comparison. You’ll certainly turn heads out and about with the Mi Mix 3. 
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  • Android devices can include still/video cameras, touchscreens , GPS , accelerometers , gyroscopes , barometers , magnetometers , dedicated gaming controls, proximity and pressure sensors , thermometers , accelerated 2D bit blits (with hardware orientation, scaling, pixel format conversion) and accelerated 3D graphics.
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  • Huawei is the second leading Android smartphone vendor after Samsung, meaning just like its counterpart, what it chooses to do with software updates will determine how fast the new Android 9 Pie update arrives on eligible devices.If you own any of Huawei’s smartphones or tablets and would like to know if and when your device will be upgraded to Android Pie, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have details of Huawei Android 9 Pie update release date, what to expect when the OS arrives, the devices that are guaranteed to receive the update as well as some information that those whose devices aren’t featured in the table below will relish.Huawei rolls out two major OS upgrades to its flagship phones in the Mate and P series, something we don’t expect to change with respect to Android Pie update. To guarantee yourself an update to Pie on your Huawei device, it must be one of the Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Mate 10 Porsche Design, P20, P20 Pro or the premium Mate RS Porsche Design. In fact, all of these devices, including the Honor 10, Honor V10, and Honor Play can already access the stable EMUI 9 based on Android Pie in China, with a global rollout expected very soon.If your Huawei/Honor device isn’t any of the above and has Android Oreo running the show out of the box, you also stand a chance of getting an update to Android Pie at some point in future, however, this might not be true for entry-level devices like the Huawei Y3, Y5 and Y7 Prime 2018, all of which are based on Oreo out of the box.
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  • Yes, Honor 10 Lite has a portrait mode,and the device is provided with a dual primary camera setup of 13MP and 2MP lenses backed by features like LED Flash and Phase Detection Autofocus. On the other hand, it has a 24MP front camera, which provides some really excellent selfies. Thus, the selfie freaks will love to own this device.Home | Privacy | Sitemap | About Us | Contact Us | Visitor Agreement | Terms & Conditions | 91mobiles Hindi | Feedback
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  • In order to provide you with a better service, we recommend that you log on the mailbox account for the phone number binding, Bind bound mail account and mobile phone number can be used as login account, Not bound will not submit the order.※ ※Diese Website versucht, Informationen so akkurat wie möglich anzugeben. Produktbilder können ein wenig von den eigentlichen Produkten abweichen. Sämtliche Bilder (retuschierte Bilder, Prototypen) dienen nur zu Illustrationszwecken. Beziehen Sie sich für das tatsächliche Design auf das eigentliche Produkt (u. a. Farbe).※ Aus Platzgründen sind die Informationen auf dieser Website (u. a. Produktspezifizierungen, Funktionsbeschreibungen usw.) möglicherweise nicht vollständig. Weitere Details bieten die spezifischen Informationen im Produktanleitungshandbuch.HINWEIS: Die auf der HiHonor-Website angebotenen Produkte werden durch die Ingram Micro Commerce EMEA BV (Unternehmenssitz: Energieweg 2, 5145 NW Waalwijk, Niederlande, bei der Handelskammer unter der Handelsregisternummer 17230750 registriert) als eingetragenem Händler verkauft. Für die Zwecke dieser Verkaufsbedingungen ist die Ingram Micro Commerce EMEA BV der „Verkäufer“.
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  • Today Huawei started rolling the latest updated version of Android 8.0 Oreo for Honor 8 in Europe. The update brings the build number to FRD-L02C432B562 / FRD-L09C432B562 / FRD-L19C432B562 on Honor 8 Europe variant. Now you can install Honor 8 B562 Oreo Firmware. [] The update is sent via OTA (Over the air), and it may take a couple of days or even weeks to receive the update. Like we said, The update is rolling in a phase-wise manner. You need to wait for the official roll out to upgrade Honor 8 to the new version Android Oreo The update brings the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update and features along with Emotion UI 8.0 for Honor 8.If you are still waiting for the OTA update on your Honor 8, then you can check the OTA manually. Follow our below guide which can see if you have any OTA on your phone. Before that make sure you are running Official Stock ROM without root or mods installed. If you are rooted, then first you need to unroot your phone.If you still not received the OTA and you want to update manually using the file on your Honor 8, then you can follow the below guide. This guide will help you to install Honor 8 B562 Oreo Firmware. The update is simple and easy. Make sure you read and follow the steps properly.Android 8.0 Oreo is the latest iteration of Android Operating system. This is the 8th major version of the Android mobile operating system after the release of Android Nougat. The latest features of Android Oreo includes New app notifications, notification dots on app icons, picture-in-picture mode, Android Instant App compatibility, Auto-fill (like on Chrome), Better copy and paste, Faster Android behind the scenes, Better battery life with more advanced Doze mode, and more.
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  • Zoradiť: Hore odporúčané obchody Najnižšia cena Hodnotenie obchodov Názov obchodu Hore odporúčané obchody Najnižšia cena Hodnotenie obchodov Názov obchoduza danú cenu som veľmi spokojný. Pomer Cena/výkon je super. Baterka vydrží 2 dni. Dual sim funguje bez problémov, dobrá čitateľnosť displeja, slušný fotoaparát, perfektná čítačka odtlačkov. Zatiaľ bez problémov. Zatiaľ mi ale ešte nepadol, tak som zvedavý po prvých pádoch. Zadná strana kĺže, ale to mi neva, mám na ňom kryt.
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  • Приближается конец года, а вместе с ним стоит ждать и обновления линейки «А» от Samsung. Компания, уже традиционно, использует в этой серии удачно «выстрелившие» и востребованные потребителями особенности флагманов. Поскольку трендом этого года стали безрамочные экраны, с соотношением 18:9, с большой долей вероятности, его получит и обновленный смартфон Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 года.Инсайдерская информация, регулярно появляющаяся в сети, позволяет предположить, что новые модели «Галакси», наряду с безграничным дисплеем могут получить корпус из алюминиевого сплава. Учитывая, что беспроводная зарядка остается прерогативой флагманских моделей, это решение «Самсунг» выглядит логичным. Правая грань может обзавестись отдельной физической кнопкой, предназначенной для вызова голосового ассистента Bixby. Сканер отпечатков, освобождая пространство передней панели, «переедет» на заднюю, в район основной камеры. Судя по появившимся недавно фото, с прообразами чехлов для обновленной линейки, его новое место уже определено.Нет сомнения, что Infinity Display станет основой для продвижения на рынке. Новый А5, органично впишется в проводимую рекламную компанию «Безграничность». По заверениям аналитиков, экран смартфона будет иметь разрешение 2160х1080 точек, соответствуя FullHD-качеству. Функция Allways On, останется, а ее возможности, могут несколько расшириться за счет дополнительных программных настроек.Последние новости опровергают заявления «горячих» аналитиков о наличии двойной основной камеры. Место второго модуля закономерно занимает сканер отпечатков. Отказываться от него в Samsung не станут из-за высокой популярности технологии бесконтактной оплаты. Если двойная камера появится, то, с высокой вероятностью, она будет фронтальной. Это позволит Samsung улучшить уже имеющуюся технологию распознавания по лицу и радужной оболочке и достойно выглядеть на фоне конкурентов. Кроме того, прослеживается общая нацеленность модели на азиатский рынок, где селфи-камеры наиболее популярны.
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  • Honor announced its tantalizing sequel to the  Honor Magic , the Honor Magic 2, at the end of October 2018. Now, the company has launched a revised version of the phone with a selection of specification updates. The Honor Magic 2 was first shown during Honor’s presentation at IFA 2018 , where it launched the Honor Play .Honor has taken the unusual step of releasing a slightly updated version of the Honor Magic 2, just a few months into the device’s life. Called the Magic 2 3D , the main new feature is a 3D sensor set alongside the 16-megapixel and dual 2-megapixel front cameras, which are hidden away in the slider section. The 3D sensor views 10,000 structural points and will be used for secure face unlocking for use with payment systems, which Honor says will even work in the dark. Honor uses a 3D sensor on the View 20 , but on the back of the phone. Huawei has secure face unlocking on the Mate 20 Pro.The Magic 2 3D will only be available with one configuration — a new version with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage space. The other specifications are the same as the Magic 2 currently on sale, meaning a 6.4-inch screen, the Kirin 980 processor, triple-lens rear camera, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. The Magic 2 3D is only sold in China where it costs the equivalent of around $860.We’ll start with the bad news. The Honor Magic 2 will only be released in China, just like the original Honor Magic. The reason is likely the same as the first phone, that it’s costly and time-consuming to further localize the Magic’s in-depth artificial intelligence features and forge new partnerships with apps and services outside China.